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How much does Get Tasty cost?

Get Tasty is free to use and there is no set up fee or ongoing subscriptions. The only charge is a small fee for processing orders. 

What do I have to do to get started?

Its easy to get started with Get Tasty and you can be ready to take orders in 48 hours. The first thing to do is to claim your venue listing, from there you can add products, build menus and create zones, service areas, workspaces and workstations. Once your profile and venue has been set up you can print off your QR codes from with the portal. However we will also send you hardwearing QR codes plaques in the post.

If you need any help along the way you can contact our customer support team who will be happy to assist you with getting started.

Are payments secure through Get Tasty?

All payments are handled by Stripe who are the the worlds largest digital payment provider for mobile applications. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Click here to find out more about Stripe security.

Does Get Tasty integrate with my ePOS?

Get Tasty uses a third party technology provided by Deliverect to integrate with the all the most popular ePOS providers. If you have an ePOS that is currently not partnered with Deliverect we would be happy to look into providing a bespoke integration. Click here to find out more about Deliverect.

What is Get Tasty Hospitality Hero?

Get Tasty’s Hospitality Hero is an app that helps run hospitality business operations. Firstly, Hospitality Hero lets you manage your floor, view orders, see real-time customer activity and connects your front and back off house communications.

Secondly, because hospitality hero runs on any Android or iOS mobile or tablet device, it gives your staff the power of mobile ordering so they can say goodbye to taking orders with a traditional paper and pen. 

How many venues are listed on Get Tasty?

Get Tasty lists every hospitality venue in the UK that has an FSA rating of 3 and above. That means that there are over 30,000 restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, bars and other foodie outlets listed on Get Tasty.

What is the card transaction fee?

Get Tasty uses Stripe to process orders and they charge a standard transaction fee of 1.4% + 20p.

Which platforms is Get Tasty available on?

Get Tasty is available as an App for Apple or Android devices. It also works as a PWA (progressive web application) which means it runs app-less so customers do not necessarily need to download and install an app on their device. .

What are the benefits of using Get Tasty versus developing our own app?

Consumers don’t want to have an app for each and every individual venue they visit. They would much rather have one app that services all. Because Get Tasty lists every hospitality venue in the UK with and FSA rating of 3 and above, its more than likely that your venue is already on Get Tasty. You can benefit from all the free tools Get Tasty offers without having to invest in the tens of thousands of man hours that went into developing the technology.

Lastly because Get Tasty only charges a small fee on payment processing you are only paying us when customers are paying you.

How are orders delivered to the Kitchen?

Get Tasty uses advanced, smart order routing. This means that orders are sent directly to the correct printer in the correct workstation or workspace. An example of a workspace could be Kitchen and an example of a workstation could be the Hot Side in the Kitchen.

How do I manage my venue's profile listing on Get Tasty?

You can manage your venue’s profile listing from within the Get Tasty Web Portal. First you will need to claim your listing and we will then contact you to confirm ownership. You can access the Get Tasty Portal at portal.gettasty.co.uk

How do customers order with Get Tasty?

Customers have three ways of ordering with Get Tasty.

Firstly, there is mobile ordering where a customer would scan a Get Tasty Intelligent QR code and the venue’s menu would load in their device (with or without an app) from there they can select dishes and pay.

Secondly, a customer could order food and drinks for “Click and Collect” or “Delivery” from a venue from within the Get Tasty App or Get Tasty Website.

Lastly, a customer could order their food and drink with a member of staff who is using the Get Tasty Hospitality Hero App on a handheld device.


What support do I get with Get Tasty?

Support tickets are answered within 24 hours but if you have something urgent that needs dealing with you can email us [email protected] or call us on 01908 348 810 and we will help you straight away.

What if I want to stop using Get Tasty?

There is no monthly subscription or commitment so you can choose to stop using Get Tasty at any time.

What if I want to stop using Get Tasty?

There is no monthly subscription or commitment so you can choose to stop using Get Tasty at any time.

How do I upload my menu to Get Tasty?

Menus are created in the Get Tasty Web Portal. You can create as many menus and categories as you wish.

For example a simple venue may have the following two Menus: Food, Drinks.

Within the Food Menu, a simple venue will have the following categories: Starters, Lunch, Mains, Desserts.

Within the Drinks Menu a simple venue will have the following categories: Soft Drinks, Hot Drinks, Wine, Beer, Spirits.

Once you have created your menus and categories you can then create Products and assign them to the correct menus and categories.


How do I amend an order?

All orders can be viewed and amended through the “Manage Orders”  button on your venue’s page within the Get Tasty Web Portal.

What is a product modifier?

A product modifier is a simple way to give your customers options to customise dishes. Product modifiers can be added to Configurable and Bundled Products.

For example, you may wish to offer Sweet Potato Fries or Chips with a Burger. So, firstly you would create the modifier “Sides Selections” and within that modifier add the options (Simple Products) you require, in the case: Chips & Sweet Potato Fries. You would then add the modifier “Sides Selection” to your “Configurable Product”  Burger.

Product modifiers can be given an upsell value to help increase margins. You may wish to offer Sweet Potato Fries for £1 extra for example.



What is the difference between a generic QR Code and an Intelligent QR Code?

Get Tasty’s Intelligent QR are distinctly different from generic QR codes. Generic QR codes load the same data regardless of what time or location they are scanned. Intelligent QR Codes are unique to their location (i.e. the table number) and linked to service type and time. This means that a Get Tasty Intelligent QR Code will always load the correct menu for the location, time and service type offered by the venue.

Get Tasty Intelligent QR codes also have built in fraud detection and prevention.

How do customers start a Tab with Get Tasty?

Customers can start a Tab in the checkout page of Get Tasty. They can pre-authorise their Tab with Apple/Google Pay or with their Credit/Debit Card. There is no limit to how much they can pre-authorise. Once a customer has created a Tab they can order without having to make payment after each order (up until their pre-authorised limit). Both you and the customer do not have to worry about paying off the tab or closing the bill as you are automatically paid by Get Tasty when the customer leaves the venue.

How am I paid from Get Tasty?

Payments are made every 24 hours by Stripe directly into your back account. You will need to set up a free account with Stripe if you do not already have one.

Click here to find out more about Stripe payments. 

How do I create zone or table?

You can create zones and service points from within the Get Tasty Portal and manage them from within the Floor Manager in Get Tasty’s Hospitality Hero app.

You can create multiple zones (Garden, Patio, Restaurant, Bar etc) and then add your service points (Tables, Hatch, Bar Stools, etc) and assign covers.

What is the difference between a Simple Product, a Configurable Product and a Bundled Product?

A “simple” product must have a name and a price, if you want to track stock you can also give it an SKU and a serving size. A “simple” product can not be changed with modifiers.

An example of a “simple” product could be: A small portion of chips at £3.

A “configurable” product is a product that can be changed with modifiers. A “configurable product” must have a name, a price and at least one modifier or modifier group assigned to it.

An example of a “configurable” product could be: Burger at £10 with option of sides (modifiers): chips or sweet potato fries.

A “bundled product” is a product made up of “simple” products. Here each “simple” product that makes the “bundled product” can be tracked by individual SKUs in order to track stock.

An example of a “bundled product” could be: Ham, Egg and Chips at £10 where each ingredient (i.e. Ham, Egg & Chips) has its each SKU assigned to it.

Can I refer other venues to Get Tasty?

Yes and we will reward you for doing it, in fact you will continue to earn affiliate revenue for as long as your recommended venue uses Get Tasty.

Contact us directly to find out more about our reward programme. 

What are the future plans for Get Tasty?

Get Tasty plans to be the go to dinning app for the UK and we intend to expand into Europe, Asia and the USA in the future. If you would like to get involved or invest the future of hospitality technology please get in touch.